We had a pretty good turnout, wind made good scores difficult if you weren't Jim Milburn, Steve Hammons, or Rich Allen. Doubles went well, the portable trap performed flawlessly, also, the portable trap is available for informal use. See you next month. 



16 yd. Singles

1st- Jim Milburn.      23X25

2d-Steve Hammons 22X25

3rd- Richard Allen.    21X25



1st- Jim Milburn      19X20

2d- Chris Thornburg  13X20

3rd- Tyler Coyan.        13X20


Buddy shoot

1st- Rich Allen/Chris Thornburg 11X20

2nd-Bret Davies/Steve Hammons 10X20

3rd- Tyler Coyan/Jim Raney         10X20


10 @ 27 yes

1st-Jim Milburn.         10X10

2nd- Steve Hammons 7X10

3rd- Darrell Cornell.     6X10


Custer shoot

1st- Chris Thornburg

2nd- Jim Milburn

3rd- Bret Davies


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