We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful late November day for a trap shoot. We had a decent turnout, 17 shooters, in spite of the China Virus. See you next month.

16 yard singles

1st- Jim Milburn.     -23X25

2nd- Gary Vanlier.    -21X25

3rd- Clark Balding.   -20X25



1st-Steve Hammons-12X20

2nd- Darrell Cornell. -12X20

3rd - Jim Raney.        -12X20

Buddy Shoot

1st- Gary Vanlier/

        Bob Peck.          - 9X20

2nd -Clint Varner/

       Steve Hammons-8X20

3rd - Glen Phillips/

         Clark Balding.   - 8X20


10 @ 27 yards

1st - Clark Balding.   - 7X10

2nd- Jim Raney.        - 7X10

3rd - Bob Peck.         - 6X10


Custer Shoot

1st - Bret Davies

2nd - Nate Hohnstein

3rd - Jim Miburn

Please note the change on the calendar for the Dec. TrapShoot it will be Dec 12th. 


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