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The following has been adopted by the membership as of the 10/3/19 during the meeting. Anyone who moves, damages, or alters any camera located at the range will immediately have their membership terminated. Anyone who willfully causes any damage to or destruction of range property will similarly have their membership terminated. Anyone who damages the breakaway card readers at the entry/exit to the range will be charged the cost of repairs. 

We have a great range that offers a safe, fun place to shoot and learn and at a bargain basement price.  We know it is only a few who are causing the problems but the sad reality is these few, if left unchecked, will cause the majority to have to suffer through safeguards never intended for them. I encourage you, if you see anyone doing anything in violation of club rules, please turn them in. We do not need nor want them at our range.

Trap shooters! Don't forget our Turkey shoot Nov. 16. 9:30 AM.

$ 10.00 entry fee, five events, lunch and prizes. Bring at least 3 boxes ammo. See you there!

11/9/19 was our final match for the 2019 season, and I want to personally thank everyone that attend’s our matches, and the assistance everyone provides to support these IR 50/50 shoots. Without each, and everyone of you these matches would not be possible.

Today was no different than the last 8 monthly matches, competition was fierce, and getting to the winners circle today was no easy task. One stand out today was a new    young shooter competing for the first time and managed to take a 3rd place in the Unlimited division, which is no easy task. Austin Cornell put up a 494-18x with a bit of coaching from his dad Brian Cornell. Well done Austin.

I hope everyone has a warm and restful winter, and I hope to see everyone in March 2020 ready to belly up to a bench, and shoot some winning scores.

Gary Vanlier
Match Director


IR-50-50 Shoot  Results
Unlimited Class
1st Art Freud - 496-26X
2nd Dave Cook - 496-25X
3rd Austin Cornell - 494-18X

Varmint Class
1st Richard Allen - 484-14X
2nd Darrell Cornell - 483-19X
3rd Dave Cook - 481-15X

Sporter Class
1st Gary Vanlier - 478-12X
2nd Dave Cook - 478-10X
3rd Richard Allen - 463-6X

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